Automatic exchange of information (AEOI)

07.11.2018 - Cross-border tax evasion should be prevented with the help of the global standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information (AEOI). To date, more than 100 countries, including Switzerland, have committed themselves to introducing this global standard in the area of tax transparency. Domestic bank client confidentiality in Switzerland is not affected by the AEOI.

The legal foundations for introducing the AEOI entered into force on 1 January 2017. The AEOI was activated with 38 states and territories on this date. Since then, Swiss financial institutions subject to the reporting duty have been collecting account information concerning persons resident in these partner states for tax purposes. This data was exchanged for the first time in autumn 2018. Parliament adopted the federal decrees concerning the introduction of the AEOI with further partner states from 2018/1019 in December 2017. This means that Swiss financial institutions have been collecting account information in connection with a further 38 partner states (including Hong Kong and Singapore) since 1 January 2018, and this will be exchanged for the first time in autumn 2019.

The diagram depicts the flow of information between the authorities of two countries. Also shown is what information is exchanged.

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