Automatic exchange of information (AEOI)

29.05.2019 - The global standard on the automatic exchange of financial account information (AEOI) aims to increase tax transparency and thus prevent cross-border tax evasion. To date, more than 100 countries, including Switzerland, have committed themselves to adopting this standard. Domestic bank client confidentiality in Switzerland is not affected by the AEOI.

The legal foundations for the AEOI have been in force since 1 January 2017. To date, Parliament has approved the introduction of the AEOI with 89 partner states (as at 1 January 2019). Switzerland's network of AEOI partner states thus includes all EU and EFTA member states, almost all G20 and OECD states, Switzerland's most important economic partners and the world's leading financial centres. Financial account information was successfully exchanged with 36 partner states for the first time at the end of September 2018. Based on current international developments, a further 19 partner states are currently to be added to Switzerland's AEOI network, and the AEOI should be implemented with them from 2020/2021 onwards. . These are the states and territories that are committed to the global AEOI standard and have announced a date for the implementation of the AEIO. Following the consultation procedure, the Federal Council adopted the corresponding dispatch on 29 May 2019.

The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (Global Forum) examines the domestic implementation of the AEOI standard by means of peer reviews. The aim is to create a level playing field worldwide. The peer reviews concerning the AEOI will start in 2020. To ensure the integrity of the AEOI standard from the outset, its key elements, including the national AEOI legal bases, will undergo a preliminary review in a phased process. Within the scope of this preliminary review, the Global Forum made recommendations to Switzerland. The proposal to amend the Federal Act and the Ordinance on the International Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters aims to take the necessary measures to implement the recommendations of the Global Forum. This concerns, among other things, certain due diligence and registration obligations, the inclusion of a document retention obligation for financial institutions, as well as definitions. Some exceptions are also to be removed or adapted. The amendments are to be brought into force by the Federal Council on 1 January 2021. The consultation procedure on the proposal was initiated on 27 February 2019 and will last until 12 June 2019.

The diagram depicts the flow of information between the authorities of two countries. Also shown is what information is exchanged.

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