Report on the long-term sustainability of public finances in Switzerland

August 2020 - Fiscal policy increasingly has to deal with the challenges of the future. The long-term sustainability report examines the implications of foreseeable demographic trends on Switzerland's public finances in the long term. The third edition of the brochure was published in April 2016. Its time horizon extends to 2045. If the country's demographics, immigration and economy develop as assumed in the scenarios, the general government expenditure ratio (government expenditure as a proportion of GDP) will increase from the current 32% to 36% in 2045. The significant need for action on the part of the cantons and communes is due to expenditure pressure in the healthcare and long-term care sectors.

An updated edition based on new demographic scenarios of the Federal Statistical Office will be published in spring 2021.

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2016 Long-Term Sustainability Outlook

2016 Long-Term Sustainability Outlook

The Federal Department of Finance provides the basis for sustainable financial planning. The publication of the long-term outlook is appearing for the third time.

2016 Long-Term Sustainability Outlook (PDF, 1 MB, 28.04.2016)