Switzerland's financial market policy

A strong financial centre is crucial for Switzerland. Its fiscal policy is sustainable, transparent, compliant and well integrated nationally and internationally. The focus is on new and economically beneficial solutions.

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Switzerland's financial market policy ensures that the country maintains a world-leading financial centre that works according to internationally accepted rules. Thanks to good framework conditions, the financial centre can offer a wide range of financial services to domestic and foreign companies and individuals, as well as make a substantial contribution to prosperity in Switzerland.

Switzerland's financial market policy

A strong financial centre is key for the Swiss economy and Switzerland's standing as an international location. Switzerland should therefore maintain its place among world-leading, modern and globally active financial centres. The Federal Council wants to assist and support this with a sound and dynamic financial market policy.

This financial market policy builds on traditional Swiss strengths such as high productivity, stability, security and trust. In order to maintain a leading position on the international stage in the future while also meeting the needs of the population, these strengths need to be combined with an openness for new technological and international developments, and efforts to increase international competitiveness. In its new strategy presented here, the Federal Council has therefore defined nine specific areas of action for a future-proof Swiss financial centre under the three key thrusts "innovative", "interconnected" and "sustainable".

Further information on the topic can be found on the website of the State Secretariat for International Finance SIF:

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