Corporate Tax Reform Act III (12.02.2017)

14.02.2017 - The third series of corporate tax reforms was meant to abolish the reduced taxation of holding, domiciliary and mixed companies. This taxation is no longer in line with international standards. To prevent a loss of competitiveness for Switzerland, internationally accepted tax relief measures were to be introduced. In doing so, the focus was on the promotion of innovations. The Confederation also wanted to support the in profit tax reductions envisaged by the cantons.

A referendum was held on the reform. Opponents expected significant losses of tax receipts. They feared that the people would be required to pay for these losses. The reform was rejected by the people and the cantons on 12 February 2017. A new proposal will now be drawn up after an in-depth analysis.

59,1 per cent of the voters have rejected the reform.

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Federal Council for adoption of third series of corporate tax reforms

In the media conference of 27 October 2016, Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer outlined the Federal Council's arguments in favour of adopting the third series of corporate tax reforms. The reform ensures Switzerland's appeal as a business location.

Media conference of 27 October 2016