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 The debt brake

The debt brake

The brochure provides at a glance the functioning, history, effects, fiscal policy challenges and success story of the debt brake.

Debt brake brochure (PDF, 441 kB, 17.08.2023)

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Swiss Financial Centre - Key figures April 2021

Key figures Swiss Financial Centre

Once a year, the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters publishes up-to-date figures on Switzerland as a location for financial services.

Key figures Swiss financial centre (April 2023)

 Public finances - Statistical data 2018

Public finances: statistical data

Statistical data on public finances was published in spring 2023. It provides an overview of the budgets at the federal, cantonal and municipal levels.

Public finances 2022 statistical data (PDF, 1 MB, 15.03.2023)

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The Swiss Tax System

The Swiss Tax System

Main features of the Swiss tax system
Federal taxes
Cantonal and communal taxes
Edition 2021

The Swiss Tax System (PDF, 1 MB, 22.06.2021)

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Fact and Figures 2021

FCA facts and figures

The FCA stands for comprehensive security at the border for the benefit of the population, the economy and the state.

FCA facts and figures 2021 (PDF, 3 MB, 06.04.2021)

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National fiscal equalization

National fiscal equalization

The booklet shows how the national financial compensation system works, explains the various elements and analyses its effectiveness in the first years since the new system was introduced.

National fiscal equalization (PDF, 292 kB, 31.07.2020)

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The Swiss Confederation 2019 - a brief guide

The Swiss Confederation - a brief guide

This richly illustrated brochure is published each year and gives you a broad yet clear picture of Switzerland’s political institutions and executive authorities while also highlighting the structure and role played by the State.

The Swiss Confederation - a brief guide 2023

The Swiss Confederation – a brief guide - order

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