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Automatic exchange of information (AEOI)

On 25 November 2015, the Federal Council adopted the agreement regarding the automatic exchange of information in tax matters with the EU. The proposal is subject to approval by Parliament and an optional referendum.


Third series of corporate tax reforms (CTR III)

The third series of corporate tax reforms should put an end to the different taxation of domestic and foreign company profits by the cantons. The dispatch regarding the federal act was adopted by the Federal Council at the start of June 2015


National fiscal equalization

The 2016-2019 fiscal equalization payments for the Confederation and the donor cantons will be reduced by CHF 165 million per year. Cost compensation and the cohesion fund will remain unchanged.

Switzerland and Italy sign agreement on tax issues

In February 2015, Switzerland and Italy signed a Protocol of Amendment to the double taxation agreement and a roadmap for continued dialogue on financial and tax issues. The agreement improves relations in the area of taxation and finance and simplifies the regularisation of untaxed assets.

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