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Handling security bugs, vulnerable infrastructure and a range of DDoS attacks: 22nd MELANI semi-annual report

Published on 28 april 2016, the 22nd MELANI semi-annual report features handling security  vulnerabilities as its key topic.

Medienmitteilung Langfristperspektiven der öffentlichen Finanzen

Report on the long-term sustainability of public finances

The third edition of the brochure was published in April 2016. The 30 years ahead will probably put a heavier burden on the budgets of the cantons and the communes than on the budget of the Confederation.

Press release "Appointment"

Federal Council appoints Jörg Gasser as State Secretary

On 20 april 2016, the Federal Council appointed Jörg Gasser, Secretary General of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF), as the State Secretary for International Financial Matters in the FDF. Jörg Gasser will take up office on 1 July 2016.  


BEPS: Federal Council initiates consultation

The Federal Council initiated the consultation on the multilateral agreement on the exchange of country-by-country reports on 13 April 2016.  

Documentation BEPS

Third series of corporate tax reforms (CTR III)

The third series of corporate tax reforms should put an end to the different taxation of domestic and foreign company profits by the cantons. The proposed reforms are being debated by Parliament.

Head of the FDF

Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer

Ueli Maurer

Ueli Maurer was elected to the Federal Council in 2008. He has been Head of the FDF since January 2016.

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