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Federal Council adjusts COVID-19 support measures to second wave

The proposal includes an expansion of the hardship support programme to CHF 1 billion in total and an increase of the Confederation's share to around two thirds. In addition, short-time working compensation payments should be extended. In sport, professional and semi-professional clubs should be able to receive support in the form of non-repayable contributions.

International automatic exchange of information

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International automatic exchange of information in tax matters: Federal Council brings Act and Ordinance into force

Parliament had already approved the amendments to the AEIOA on 19 June 2020. These involve the repeal of the exemption clause for condominium associations and an adjustment of the applicable due diligence requirements.

IMF and World Bank 2020 Annual Meetings

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Switzerland at virtual IMF and World Bank 2020 Annual Meetings and G20 Finance Ministers Meeting

Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer, State Secretary Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch and Thomas Jordan, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank, attended the virtual Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) on 14 and 15 October 2020.


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