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Press releases and speeches

As English is not one of Switzerland's official languages only selected documents are translated into English. All translations are based on the definitive text in German. For further documents, kindly refer to the other languages.

Hot topics

National fiscal equalization
National fiscal equalization
The second efficacy report on fiscal equalization between the Confederation and the cantons confirms it is working well. It was possible for the financially weak cantons to be equipped with sufficient freely disposable financial resources and for cantonal financial autonomy to be strengthened.
Switzerland's financial market policy
The Federal Council would like to contribute actively, within the scope of the OECD, to the development of a global standard for the automatic exchange of information. This should prevent untaxed foreign assets from being invested in Switzerland.

New provisions in tourist traffic from 1 July 2014

New customs regulations will apply for tourist traffic from 1 July 2014. These will simplify the assessment of goods and make it more transparent. Moreover, the conditions will be created to enable travellers to declare their goods to Swiss Customs electronically in the future, before they even reach the border.

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Head of the Federal Department of Finance FDF

Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf
Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf



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