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Double taxation agreement between Switzerland and Bangladesh in force

Bern, 17.12.2009 - The double taxation agreement between Switzerland and Bangladesh entered into force with the exchange of the instruments of ratification. The agreement is intended to enable the avoidance of double taxation in the field of income tax.

The agreement contains provisions on the avoidance of double taxation and contributes to the favourable development of bilateral economic relations. In particular the DTA improves legal protection for companies and limits withholding tax in the area of dividend, interest and royalty payments.

The agreement was signed on 10 December 2007. In accordance with Swiss practice at the time at which the DTA was signed, it contains an article on the exchange of information, which merely envisages the exchange of information on the proper application of the agreement. An extended exchange of information in accordance with the OECD standard was therefore not agreed with Bangladesh. This was not requested by Bangladesh either, even after the Federal Council decision of March 2009 on the new administrative assistance policy. Given that a swift entry into force of the DTA was deemed desirable, also on the part of Switzerland's private sector, the decision was taken to forgo further negotiations on the extension of administrative assistance. Both contracting states have agreed to implement the agreement in the form in which it was signed.

The provisions of the agreement apply in Switzerland to revenues effective from 1 January 2010.

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Pierre Nikolic, International Affairs Division, Federal Tax Administration, tel. 031 323 94 04


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